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Omya UK Ltd.

Demesne Quarry 17 Munie Road Glenarm
BT44 0BG, Northern Ireland Ballymena
United Kingdom

Office phone: +44 28 2884 1333
Office fax: +44 28 2884 1687
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Limestone has been quarried at Glenarm, Northern Ireland from the late 18th century. The plant supplies the Northern Ireland and Eire markets with a range of white limestone aggregates, sands and fillers. A range of imported coloured aggregates for the construction industry complements the products based on the indigenous white stone. A white dolomite is imported for the thermoplastic paint market.


This plant is certified to ISO 9001and ISO 14001.


The Glenarm deposit is an evenly hard, fine grained cretaceous white limestone. Although referred to as a limestone the presence of cocoliths in the deposit indicates, in geological terms, that it could be defined as a chalk. Its versatility is demonstrated by its use in a wide range of applications. The high whiteness is of particular importance.


Originally a family owned business the company has undergone many changes down through the years. It was incorporated in 1900 as Eglinton Limestone Co. Ltd. In the 1960's Clyde Shipping Co. Ltd., based in Glasgow, became the major shareholder. Production sites included Belfast and Carnlough as well as Glenarm. In the early seventies all production was centralised at Glenarm. The company diversified into the manufacture of synthetic and cementicious renders in 1972 with a new plant at Ballyclare, Northern Ireland. This part of the business was reformed in 1986 as a separate company and was subsequently sold as a going concern. The success of this diversification is still evident today as the plant at Ballyclare accounts for some 20% of Glenarm's output. In 1998 Omya UK Ltd., a subsidiary of Omya AG, acquired 100% of Eglinton Limestone from Clyde Shipping.A relocation project was completed in 1999 involving installing state of the art plant and machinery at Demense Quarry, Glenarm.