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Omya UK Ltd.

Middleton Road
TS24 0RA Hartlepool
United Kingdom

Office phone: +44 1429 892 000
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The Hartlepool plant processes white dolomite (calcium magnesium carbonate). As it is not indigenous to the UK, the rock is quarried by a sister company in Norway and shipped to Hartlepool, where it is processed to produce a range of high brightness fillers and extenders used in a variety of industrial applications including paints and plastics industries.


This plant is certified to ISO 9001and ISO 14001.


Carbonate rocks can be found almost everywhere and range in age from the Precambrium (570 - 4600 million years ago) to the present. Dolomite is a carbonate rock of sedimentary origin from a shallow marine environment. Magnesium in the seawater has replaced parts of the calcium in the carbonate sediments and formed the mineral dolomite, CaMg(CO3)2. The process of forming dolomite in the ocean is a very slow process. As an illustration, one thousand years of sedimentation produces only one mm thickness of rock. During the Caledonien orogeny the dolomite was recrystallised.


In 1986 Norwegian Talc established an operation in Hartlepool to satisfy the growing UK market for white, inorganic fillers. Previously white dolomite had been extracted from Norwegian Talc's Hammerfall deposits and processed in Norway. In 1994 ownership passed to Omya UK, which as part of Omya AG, gave the operation access to the resources of one of the world's leading mineral producers. Over the last few years, the plant has been expanded and has benefited from significant investment.