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Coating – paper & board

  • The coating of paper and board grades in order to create added value to the product is another one of Omya's core competencies. Omya is globally recognized as the most knowledgeable and professional coating application expert in the paper and board industry
  • Omya uses the latest techniques and methods to support the development of the most cost-effective, highest-performance coating formulations to meet the customer's manufacturing and quality requirements

Products in use

Calcium carbonate is currently the most widely used inorganic pigment for coating paper and board grades. To a lesser extent, other inorganic pigments like clay, talc, silica and other pigments are also used. The coating pigments are attached to the paper surface by organic binders such as lattices, starch or polyvinyl alcohol. CMC, starch and synthetic components are used to adjust properties such as viscosity or water retention, whereas OBAs or dyes influence the visual properties

  • The use of binders and latex is decreasing due to cost optimization and increased environmental responsibility. Energy taxation could also be a cost factor in the future

Omya's corresponding product family/products

  • Omya offers a wide variety of calcium carbonates
  • Omya offers a wide range of components for coating color formulations
  • Omya continuously searches for products which optimize coating colors


  • Strategic partnerships with major paper and board producers clearly indicate Omya's customer-oriented approach to optimal quality and lower production costs

Calcium Carbonate for paper & board

The Hydrocarb product family has numerous qualities associated with high-brightness ground calcium carbonates (GCC) for almost all paper and board applications – both for filling and coating.

Products in the Covercarb product family are characterized by a narrow particle size distribution for maximizing opacity and optical coverage.

The very fine coating pigments in the Setacarb product family are designed to genertate maximum smoothnes and gloss., especially for multiple-coated graphical paper

These special pigments are tailor-made to meet the special demands of SC grades, such as smoothness and gloss.

The Omyaprime family offers high-gloss coating pigments, especially for LWC and board grades.

The specialty pigments in the Omyajet family are engineered for inkjet applications. High solid levels and low binder demands are unique product characteristics.

Auxiliary chemicals for paper & board

KaMin offers a range of coating clays for paper and board production:

  • Hydragloss 90 is a high-brightness, fine-glossing coating clay
  • Hydraprint kaolin clay is a standart delaminated filler for paper applications
  • KaMinTex calcined clay is an effective opacifying and brightening pigment when coating low-brightness basestock.

Specialty pigments

For example:

  • Albemarle Pergopak - a speciality filler used in paper and board for enhanced brightness and higher opacity, as well as improved printability.
  • The plant and high-bright products Martifin and Martifill from Albemarle are aluminium hydroxides used as TiO

    extender, amongst others

Polyvinyl alcohols
Various grades of polyvinyl alcohol with differing viscosities and saponification levels are available.

Rheology modifiers
Coatex RHEOCOAT and RHEOCARB are used as rheology modifiers and water retention aids for coating colors.

Dispersing agents
Coatex TOPSPERSE is a specifically adapted polyacrylate dispersing agent.

Paper, Board, Non-Woven

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