Omya’s natural calcium carbonate products are specially selected from high-purity sources. Omya Calcipur® and Omya-Cal® are well known as an effective source of calcium for fortified foods and supplements. In addition to providing calcium as a nutrient, they can also take over various technological functionalities in fortified foods, including:

  • White pigment
  • Carrier
  • Extrusion aid
  • Anti-caking agent
  • pH buffer
  • Gelling agent 

Omya has developed Functionalized Calcium Carbonate (FCC), a new generation of minerals which will be available for the food segments under the brand name Omyafood® FCC. These minerals offer completely new functionalities, including the use of FCC as an efficient carrier, excellent anti-caking agent and new excipient for tablet formulations.

Omya's product range completes the food and nutraceutical portfolio, with natural colors, sweeteners and preservatives, among many others.