Water Treatment

​Improve water quality & treatment performance with natural mineral products.

Surface & Ground Water

The pH of naturally soft water tends to be slightly acidic. This means taste is impaired, and the water is corrosive to production and distribution facilities. The lack of buffering capacity can result in drastic pH changes, and more coagulants are needed in the water treatment process.

Omyaqua® natural Calcium Carbonate products improve the taste of the water and reduces corrosion of production and distribution facilities. 

Omyaqua® natural Calcium Carbonate products follow international standards for product quality such as DIN EN 1018 and NSF-60.​

Post-Treatment of Desalinated Water

Most remineralization processes globally utilize either Calcium Carbonate or lime to provide the required calcium and alkalinity following advanced water purification or desalination processes.



​To benefit from the technical and economic advantages of Calcium Carbonate over lime or chemical dosing, Omya has developed the Omya Advanced Remineralization Processes" (OARP)​ utilizing Omyaqua® micronized Calcium Carbonate at its core which his EN-1018 and NSF-60 drinking water approved.


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