Smart farmers in Australia top ut with Calciprill®!

Farmers all over the world are champoins of solving problems. The sandy soils in western Australia are water repellent and very compact, which causes huge problems. Crops and pasture land suffer from shortage of water and low growth. Water repellency is caused when sand particles in a biological process are covered by wax. The hard-packed soil does not come from the use of heavy machines byt is purely physically packed during rainfall.

People have tried in all possible ways to solve the problem with aerators (a tractor-pulled drum with 16 cm sharp pins), fertilization etc. It was not until three farmers started to use Calciprill® that something happened.

- Growth of Lucerne increased with many hundred percent and suddenly there was good growth in parts where nothing ever grew before, Jim Pace tells us, a farmer south of Perth in the most western part of Australia.

The magical recipe was that they started to add 300 kg/ha Calciprill® in connection with aeration of the soil. Calciprill® dissolves the plant layer and the water filters down in the soil and is taken up by the crop, at the same time as both calcium and carbonate have a powerful growth-enhancing effect!

Positive trial results

Practice speaks, but also field trials have been made which confirm these results.

Agronomist Ken Sharpe has shown similar effects in all pasture zones in western Australia. It turns out that supply of Calciprill® is positive for both pasture growth, mainly clover, and in the long run it gives a better feeding for both beef cattle and dairy cows. He points at several factors that contributes to the strong positive effects of Calciprill®:

  • Many years focus on phosphorus and potassium have resulted in calcium being a limiting growth factor for clover.
  • Liming every ten years has not been enough to compensate for acidifying fertilizers. Supplementing and annual liming with Calciprill® has been positive.
  • Increasing focus is placed on the importance of calcium for optimal production in cattle.


Mathew Berry, Jim Pace and Dave Berry with their 3-meter aerator for compact sandy soils in western Australia.

In combination with Calciprill®, amazing growth effects on pasture and crops have been achieved.


Source: Farm West magazine's, October 2018