Organic Farming

Omya natural Calcium Carbonate increases fertilizer efficiency – preserving natural resources.

Agricultural practices and environmental factors lead to a constant acidification of soils. Therefore, liming of soils is fundamental to improve the quality of soils, but also to maintain the soil quality in order to facilitate sustainable agriculture. Moreover, liming is improving the efficiency of fertilizers, allowing for lower input of fertilizers yet maintaining high yields. An increase in pH of 5.5 to 6.5 is raising the efficiency of N and K fertilizers from 77% to 100% and from 48% to 100% for P fertilizers. This means that the application of Omya’s calcium carbonate to increase the pH of 1.0 units allows for a reduction in fertilizer use of 23% for N and K fertilizers and 58% of P fertilizers - an ever more depleted resource.    

Allowed in organic production          

  • Our products are approved for use in KRAV-certified production and organic production according Council Regulation (EG) nr 834/2007 as well as Commission Regulation (EG) nr 889/2008. Review is performed by Kiwa Sverige AB
  • Omya recommend regular soil tests and to seek advice from independent agricultural professionals in the first place
  • The user is responsible for ensuring that the total supply of heavy metals to the cultured soil does not exceed specified limits according KRAV's regulation 4.4.7