Soil Conditioning

​Why liming:

  • To counteract acidification
  • Improve the pH in the ground
  • You can also  perform structure liming on loamy clays to improve soil structure and reduce phosphorus losses

The soil is the base capital for all forms of agriculture. The preservation of its production capability means an essential pillar to Omya. Due to environmental impacts and agricultural practices soils are continuously acidified resulting in a reduced soil productivity.

Several factors lead to a constant acidification of soils:

  • Our humid climate, deposition of sulfur and nitrogen compounds
  • The uptake and removal of nutrients by crops
  • Soil respiration
  • Use of acidifying nitrogen fertilzer

The crops uptake of nutrients and nitrogen fertilizer can together account for approximately half of the acidifying effect. 

Omya Calcium Carbonates and Dolomites are used as basic soil conditioners to improve soil pH and structure. Due to the ultra-fine and homogenous particle size of Omya products they are highly reactive and equally effective at rates significantly lower than required with conventional aglime.

Improving physical, chemical, and biological soil properties



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