Blow Molding

How blow molded packaging items benefit from Calcium Carbonate



Calcium Carbonate helps save energy or increase the production output

Polyolefins filled with Calcium Carbonate transfer heat much faster. As a result, they allow production lines to run faster achieving higher throughput.


Calcium Carbonate helps to down-gauging packaging

Adding Calcium Carbonate in many cases leads to an improvement of the physical packaging material properties, and the environmental stress crack resistance (ESCR) of blow molded products. This positive effect often allows down-gauging the specific packaging and additional cost savings realized while preserving the same material performance.

Calcium Carbonate allows optimized formulation costs

Given the price volatility of polymers, Calcium Carbonate contributes to lower and more stable raw material costs. It can be added to the production process easily by using highly filled masterbatches.




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