Omya® Flex

Are you ready for a tailored Silo Solution?

Omya® Flex aims to provide our customers a solution simply allowing the transition from bagged to bulk product handling. It is a tailored silo solution, suitable for a wide range of Omya products. Full implementation enables streamlining the product delivery and storage. We offer flexible financing options and a range of customizations to fit any existing production process to the highest possible degree.  

Successful implementation of the Omya® Flex project provides a wide range of benefits: 

      • Allows Omya to offer the most competitive pricing range
      • Simplifies the delivery and eliminates product unpacking and waste created during this process
      • Environmental impact of product delivery operation is significantly reduced
      • Achieved process streamlining and optimization saves manpower for other production tasks
      • Omya® Flex silos are custom designed for the exact type of the ordered product, ensuring the most efficient material delivery to the production process and eliminating all potential bottlenecks
      • Omya® Flex provides a simple way to boost the plant's production capabilities with minimum effort. The long-term product delivery contract guarantees supply stability and reliability. 

The need for permanent foundations and fixed anchoring to the ground can be eliminated with the use of our movable storage silos. These options offer attractive benefits due to cost- and time-savings in terms of site preparation, building permit procurement and silo delivery.  

Both vertical and horizontal silos are available for Omya® Flex projects. Solutions such as stacked horizontal silos are also offered for locations with significant space-constrains. Our engineering team thoroughly examines the project needs and prepares a fitting solution, custom-tailored to every unique case.  


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