Adhesives & Sealants

​Mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate and dolomite are basic raw materials in adhesive and sealant formulations. Traditionally, the main reason for using filler was cost reduction. However, functional properties are now increasing in importance as the market demands on adhesives and sealant products advance. Mineral fillers can be used to improve the mechanical properties, resistance and rheology.

The range of fillers used nowadays is almost as wide as the range of adhesives and sealants available. From white marble powder for wet-room sealants, fine and coarse powders based on calcite for tile adhesives and grouts to surface-treated fillers for moisture-sensitive systems, Omya offers a wide variety of mineral fillers from a global network of local production facilities.

Specially treated carbonate grades offer an extremely low moisture content and uptake, and are thus designed specifically for reactive adhesives and sealants based on hybrid-polymer systems.

Ultrafine Precipitated Calcium Carbonate grades (UFPCCs) are produced in our Shiraishi Omya GmbH joint venture production site in Golling, Austria. These functional fillers are designed to control both the mechanical properties and rheology of various Adhesives & Sealants formulations.

In addition to the carbonate products, Omya distributes a wide range of other specialty chemicals which are used in Adhesives & Sealants, such as other rheological modifiers or additives.