Animal Nutrition & Health

​Calcium is an essential mixing element for every animal species. In addition to the basic fodder, the requirements of individual species call for the addition of Calcium carbonate to the feed ration.

Products used in different applications have a wide range of particle sizes, with high purity ensured and an established quality management system in place.

Calcium carbonate is essential for eggshell formation and also for the correct development of bones in young animals. We also deliver products for veterinary applications under conditions close to those for human pharmaceuticals, together with products for young animals with special nutritional needs.

Calcium plays many essential roles in animal and poultry nutrition:

  • Proper development of bones and teeth
  • Regulation of heartbeat and blood clotting
  • Muscle contraction and nerve impulses
  • Enzyme activation and hormone secretion
  • Eggshell formation and quality
  • Reproductive functions (uterine retraction)
  • Milk production

Good animal nutrition forms the basis for good human nutrition – and the same also applies to safety. Feed safety ensures added food safety, which is why we use state-of-the-art systems like Femas in the UK, Q+S in Germany and Ovocom in the Benelux countries.

At Omya, we care about the whole safety chain, taking into account all the processes from mining and production to transport and warehousing.

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