Cement Based Applications

From pure raw material, Omya offers tailor made mineral solutions that address the innovative and sustainable needs of the construction industry.  Today, Omya’s Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) in the form of various Betocarb® and Betoflow® grades is bringing multiple benefits to flooring, technical mortars & concrete.

Focusing on the required characteristics of the final cement-based product, Omya adds value through its range of functional Mineral Plasticizers® which provide strong benefits like improved packing, stability, water-cement ratio and therefore an optimization of the admixture efficiency. This way Omya covers both, economic and ecological optimization of the cement-based compositions.


​Technical mortars and concrete

​Self-Leveling Mortars (SCM)
Colored concrete
Self Compacting Concrete (SCC)

​Anchoring and grouts
3D printing
Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC)

        • ​Packing enhancement
        • High compatibility with all additives
        • Better whiteness and color
        • Binder content optimization
        • ​Fine packing optimization
        • Synergy with SCMs(1)
        • Flow improvement
        • Cost saving

From dry mortar to structural concrete, GCC and fine GCC is incorporated into a variety of underlayment and self-le​veling formulations. They provide higher stability, reduced bleeding and better color & aesthetic.

The consistent purity and fineness of Omya GCC to ultrafine GCC, make them compatible with all binders (organic and mineral), SCMs and additives. Selected GCC improve the fine packing, flowability, cement hydration rate and mixing time process.


Complementary to our GCC and Ultrafine GCC we offer a wide and diversified range of specialty chemicals & minerals amongst others light weight filler, rheology modifiers and pigments.  

(1) Supplementary Cementitious Materials​


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