​Since the beginning of architectural history, mineral mortars have been used in the construction of buildings. Already in ancient times, Egyptians and Romans used mineral binders such as lime, gypsum, cement and others to produce mineral mortars.

Traditionally, specific ratios of the binder, aggregates and fillers had to be mixed on-site for each application to produce a suitable mortar. The quality of these on-site mortars depended strongly on proper and homogeneous mixing of the raw materials, in strict compliance with specified formulation ratios.

Today, with increasing complexity of these formulations, the mortars are produced at special dry-mortar plants by mixing binders, fillers, aggregates and special additives (e.g. rheological additives, polymer binders, air-entraining agents, starch ethers, accelerators, retarders etc.) to comply with the high industry-wide quality standards.

In combination with its product line Peracell® (modified cellulose ethers), Omya GmbH Office Hamburg offers a comprehensive product portfolio of additives for the dry-mortar industry. The product portfolio includes:

  • Rheological additives - modified cellulose ethers - Peracell®
  • Surfactants - air-entraining agents - Perapore 1980
  • Starch ethers - Peracoll
  • Polymer binders
  • Accelerators
  • Retarders
Omya GmbH Office Hamburg has even more to offer, namely:
  • Customized product developments
  • Comprehensive technical application assistance
  • Customer service on site
Product Portfolio