​Omya GmbH Office Hamburg`s roots date back to 1983 when its legal predecessor PERALTA Handel GmbH was founded by Hoechst AG, one of the biggest multinational chemical and pharmaceutical companies of its day.

In 1994, the Swiss Omya group took over the major share of PERALTA Handel GmbH, which led to the change of the company's name to Omya Peralta GmbH and transfer of the company location to Hamburg.

In 1998, the Omya group became the sole shareholder of Omya Peralta GmbH.

In line with the continued success achieved in harmonization with the Omya group, the company name was changed to Omya Hamburg GmbH in March 2010.

The further integration into the Omya group with more than 6,000 employees in more than 50 countries enables Omya GmbH Office Hamburg to ensure additional advantages for its business partners and strengthens its significant distribution activities.

  • 1983 PERALTA Handel GmbH (founded by Hoechst AG)

  • 1994 Omya Peralta GmbH (merger with Omya group)

  • 1998 Omya Peralta GmbH (100% part of Omya group)

  • 2010 Omya Hamburg GmbH (change of corporate name)

  • 2015 Omya GmbH Office Hamburg (Merger with Omya GmbH Cologne)