​Omya GmbH Office Hamburg`s central logistics department tackles the challenge of assuring our customers that they obtain the required product in the right place at the right time.

With access to the group’s dense network of ISO-certified warehouses, Omya GmbH Office Hamburg provides an excellent logistical infrastructure with short routes to the market.

In accordance with product safety and quality requirements, Omya supplies its products in the form required by our customers, e.g. in small bags on pallets, in Big Bags, in Flexi Bags, as well as bulk cargo and pumpable slurries in heated ISO tanks.

For international deliveries, customers can rely on Omya’s profound knowledge of regional import regulations and requirements. Thanks to Omya’s excellent access and contacts to local consulates and embassies in Hamburg, shipping documents can be speedily processed and transferred, in conformity with customer requirements, all over the world.

Last but not least, environmental protection is also incorporated into Omya’s logistics planning. Omya's order of preference when choosing the appropriate form of transport is by ship, rail and then by road.