​In view of the product variety available, extensive customer support and professional advice are absolutely essential. Omya regards both as a matter of high importance.

As a result of cooperation with business partners throughout the world, Omya is able to offer not only its calcium carbonate fillers and coating pigments but also chemical raw materials, intermediates and specialty products for virtually any application.

Omya GmbH Office Hamburg`s major markets are:

With specialized regional sales divisions at Omya GmbH Office Hamburg and access to the Omya group’s sales offices worldwide, Omya GmbH Office Hamburg is close to the markets and the customers, allowing it to respond specifically and quickly to inquiries while keeping delivery times short.

Capitalizing on local expertise, multi-lingual skills and long-time experience in international business, Omya GmbH Office Hamburg offers long-term, sustainable growth for both principals and customers.

Omya GmbH Office Hamburg provides its customers with complete supply chain solutions ranging from multi-modal transportation, handling of import procedures including warehousing through to providing market analyses, sourcing of new products and offering of financing services.

Product Portfolio