​In today’s global industry sustainable and environmental friendly supply solutions for oleochemicals play an increasingly important role. Derived from natural renewable raw materials like palm oil, kernel oil, vegetable oil and tallow, oleochemicals have proven themselves to be a cost-competitive and ecologically more acceptable alternative to the petrochemical oils.

In compliance with these principles, Omya GmbH Office Hamburg supplies a comprehensive portfolio of products (e.g. fatty acids, glycerine, fatty acid esters etc.) sourced from renowned and certified producers in Europe and overseas.

On account of its experience and industry expertise, Omya GmbH Office Hamburg leads and coordinates the group-wide sourcing and distribution activities for key product lines including stearic acids.

In that respect, Omya GmbH Office Hamburg serves not only as a reliable and competent supplier to the Omya group’s production plants, but also to its customers in the detergents, cosmetics, lubricants, textile, leather and rubber industries.

Product Portfolio