Principal Management

​In addition to being a leading producer of fillers based on calcium carbonate and dolomite, the Omya group is also a major distributor of specialized chemicals. Omya provides complete solutions for its customers so, along with its own calcium carbonate products, it also sells complementary specialized chemicals sourced from well-known principals from around the world.

Thanks to its position as a leading filler supplier, Omya offers its principals unique access to relevant key industries served by a global sales network with backing from more than 200 highly skilled technicians.

Omya provides access to a network of highly specialized warehouse facilities that meet the stringent requirements of these principals and customers. All are ISO 9000 certified and have temperature-controlled facilities with excellent local logistics infrastructures. These warehouses cater to the needs of Omya’s sales offices, from the Americas to Europe and from Africa to Asia and Australia. Most offer repackaging and customized packaging services.

Omya GmbH Office Hamburg`s major markets are:

Omya takes pride in being at the forefront of research and application development, with its central laboratories providing technical assistance in Oftringen (Switzerland). These facilities are a key asset in our distribution business and provide unique technical services to customers and to principals.

The Global Distribution Services (GDS) team at Omya is dedicated to developing, managing and coordinating the group-wide distribution activities. It capitalizes on local expertise and leverages it globally to achieve long-term, sustainable growth for its principals.

Today, the Omya group, a privately owned company since 1884, ranks among the ten largest chemical distributors in Europe.