Sourcing Services

​The capacity to innovate and add value for customers is a key factor for success in today’s rapidly changing markets. Omya continuously takes the pulse of customers in a consistent effort to assess their needs for new products.

The goal is to protect people and the environment, fulfill the highest safety requirements and, at the same time, generate added value for customers.

Omya GmbH Office Hamburg`s strategy includes two sourcing and purchasing centers in China (Beijing and Shanghai) designated to deliver market analysis and lay the groundwork for engaging in new distribution co-operations for the Omya group.

In collaboration with our regional specialists, who are close to our customers, Omya’s sourcing experts help to adapt our product portfolio to local conditions and to the individual needs of the customer.

From the initial idea to introduction on the market, Omya’s commitment to any new product is to fulfill stringent standards for quality, environmental, health and safety protection every step of the way. Local quality control laboratories which perform pre-shipment inspections ensure that all products consistently conform to the highest quality standards. Omya leaves nothing to chance in its sourcing organization.