​Professionally managed companies have moved from an approach based on reactive compliance to a process driven by a proactive vision in line with long-term company goals.

Sustainable development is defined as a form of progress that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Quality, safety and corporate accountability are the principles upon which Omya conducts its business. For us sustainability includes:

Economic growth

  • Needs, rights and values of our customers
  • Continuous improvement of our products and services

Ecological balance
  • Compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations and constant efforts to reduce our impact
  • Environmental responsibility

Social progress
  • Omya’s facilities must operate safely and be considerate of the community in which they operate.
  • We must be good local citizens and respect our fellow human beings and the environment.
  • We must be guided by ethical principles.

Sustainability is the key to future success on our journey to achieving our objectives.

​Ecology: Mining depends on the Earth`s resources. Omya takes great careful of the environment and re-naturalizes old mines and quarries.