Extomine® BM - EM 50%

In addition to the general demands for high-quality, cost-optimized paper and board qualities, functional product characteristics are also playing an increasingly important role.

The protection of packaging materials against the migration of mineral oils (MOSH and MOAH) is a requirement that will become increasingly predominant at present and in future.

Omya has developed “Extomine® BM - EM 50%” – a ready-to-use solution for optimal protection.

The barrier

Diverse demands such as resistance to oils and grease, water vapor, liquids, air, solvents, flavorings and gaseous mineral oils, require effective and individual solutions and ensure safe food. “Extomine® BM - EM 50%” offers optimal protection against mineral oils for packaged products.


What are the current and future challenges?

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) are developing a legal basis that defines the upper limits for the transfer of MOSH (mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons) and MOAH (mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons) to foodstuff. From a current perspective, it can be assumed that a corresponding ordinance on mineral oils will come into force in the European Union in 2017. Legal regulations are already in place, whereby the distributor must make provisions to prevent consumers from health hazards (EC 852/2004 Chapter X; EC 2023/2006 Art. 5 (GM); EEC 315/93 Art. 2; EC 1935/2004 Art. 2 and Art. 6, plus the latest draft from the Council of Europe).

Which solution does Omya offer?

The transfer of MOSH and MOAH to foodstuffs can be prevented or slowed down with a suitable packaging concept with barrier effect. This goal is achieved by influencing solubility and diffusion of MOSH and MOAH. Solubility of harmful substances has to be prevented, and diffusion speed has to be reduced (or prevented).

“Extomine® BM - EM 50%” was developed in cooperation with BASF based on an aqueous acrylate dispersion (Epotal®), and can be used in paper and board coating or printing processes.


Case study

In a pilot trial, “Extomine® BM - EM 50%” (6 g/m²) was implemented using rod application on white lined chipboard (WLC). Processing of the ready-to-use, aqueous suspension with a solids content of 50%
was successful without any problems.

A long-term migration test was conducted at Eurofins, the acting accredited testing laboratory. The testing of MOSH and MOAH on a reference foodstuff over a 50-day period showed the following positive results:




Neither aromatic nor saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons were adsorbed on the surface and thus transferred through the barrier onto the foodstuff!

The advantages of “Extomine® BM - EM 50%”

Coater-ready solution

  • Film press (MSP)
  • Blade
  • Rod
  • Curtain coater


  • CFR – Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, FDA 176.170 (components of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods)
  • CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, FDA 176.180 (Components of paper and paperboard in contact with dry food)
  • Nordic Ecolabel

Highly efficient
Existing coating and printing units can be used
Significant cost benefits in processing

  • Drying energy
  • Processing speed

No blocking
Increased productivity

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