Cement based Products

​The properties of calcium carbonate in construction have been well known for centuries. Ancient Egyptians built their pyramids from this material and the Romans later used it to erect their famous architectural structures. As a natural mineral, calcium carbonate has a multitude of characteristics that make it an ideal raw material for a wide variety of uses in concrete, asphalt, roofing, tiles and bricks. For each of these applications, there is a tailor-made product available with an optimal balance of fineness and particle size distribution for the specified purpose.

Calcium carbonate fines (CCF) in the form of various Betocarb grades are used in the concrete market as high-quality fillers in concrete products such as paving stones, tubes and sewage tanks, as well as in ready-mixed and pre-cast concrete.

The workability of semi-dry, plastic or self-compacting concretes and self-leveling mortars is improved by using CCFs. The particle size distribution in combination with cement and admixtures can be optimized, resulting in increased green strength, better pumping ability and less bleeding, for example. For self-compacting concretes, CCFs have proven to be the most reliable and practical industrially produced stabilizer.

CCFs accelerate the hydration of the cement matrix, resulting in higher early strength figures. Durability is improved by better permeability. The light and stable color makes the product more aesthetic, rendering it ideal for architectural applications.

Lightweight fillers and polyethylene fibers are just two examples from the wide range of specialties that Omya distributes for concrete applications.

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