Omya Neutrasorb

Efficient Neutralization of Industrial Waste Water

Often industrial waste waters are acidic coming with a pH of 2 - 5. Neutralization is therefore an important process step required before other downstream water treatment processes. For biological processes to run stable and efficient the pH after neutralization should be ideally between 6.0 - 8.5.

Omya Neutrasorb allows is a very efficient acid neutralizing chemical based on natural fine grinded Calcium Carbonat.



Omya Neutrasorb has following application benefits over other neutralizing chemicals such as burnt lime or caustic soda:

        • Fast neutralization - very stable pH - no overdosing possible
        • No clogging and no scaling of silos, slakers and pipes compared when using burnt lime
        • Nonhazardous safe chemical reducing the risk profile of the industrial site
        • Facilitates safety training and procedures for spills and accidents
        • Transport and storage without special safety measures
        • Avoidance of sophisticated circle line concepts, valve designs and make-down stations
        • Significant reduced downtime and cost due to reduced maintenance requirements​



Omya Neutrasorb quickly neutralizes and buffers industrial waste waters.