Filler for Corrugated Board

Increase machine efficiency – manage costs and energy consumption by optimizing the filler load

Adding filler to corrugated board grades is not a new idea, but thanks to Omya's expertise and emerging technologies, it becomes a reality. Recycled fiber becomes more and more a valuable resource worldwide, and a conscious handling an economic necessity.



Omya is working with corrugated board manufacturers around the world showing them how they can increase their machine efficiency when adding fresh filler in manufacturing liner and fluting grades.

Omyaboard is a specifically designed mineral to meet the needs of corrugated board manufacturers in both performance and value, without sacrificing mechanical strength of the paper.

With Omyaboard, volatility and costs of raw materials in total will be reduced. In regards of quality, the base paper gets a more open and porous structure, which results in a reduction of specific steam demand or a higher machine speed at dryer limited machines. 


When filler pigments are in use, costs, productivity and abrasion are well balanced thanks to Omya’s expertise. Furthermore, the use of Omyaboard fillers has some other positive impacts in production process.


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