Mineralization of Soft Water
Post-Treatment of Desalinated and Purified Water

Omyaqua®, is a drinking water approved (DIN EN-1018 or NSF-60) high purity Calcium Carbonate available as both a micronized and granular product.

Omyaqua® is used in following processes to stabilize the water as required to avoid corrosion of the distribution network and to provide drinking water quality as required by regulation:

        • Mineralization (decarbonization) of soft (low alkalinity) ground or surface water in traditional drinking water treatment processes
        • Desalinated water Post-Treatment (Remineralization/Stabilization)
        • Post-Treatment in Advanced Water Purification (AWP) such as direct (DPR) or indirect (IPR) potable reuse processes.
        • Omya Advanced Remineralization process (OARP)​
          Here a high purity Omyaqua® micronized Calcium Carbonate is used to provide superior remineralization performance and unsurpassed final water quality.


        • High performance & High-quality Calcium Carbonate
        • DIN EN-1018 & NSF-60 Drinking water approved
        • Omya Process Design & Technical support
        • Broad product range
        • Flexible packaging in bulk, big bags and bags
        • Global presence & local availability

Granular Omyaqua® is used in state-of-the-art calcite contactors (calcite filters) to increase water hardness and alkalinity


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