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​Omya offers an extensive range of standard and specialty grades of calcium carbonate with different particle sizes and optical values. The filler selection can significantly influence the paint properties. The sheen, opacity and wet-scrub resistance can all be modified to improve the properties of the end product.

Calcium carbonate has established itself as the main extender in paints and coatings, but should be considered as a functional filler rather than an extender due to its ability to enhance paint performance. Ultrafine ground calcium carbonate types and modified calcium carbonates provide special properties in decorative coatings which allow the usage of titanium dioxide to be optimized.

Industrial coatings are primarily used for protection against potentially adverse environmental conditions. They are formulated below the critical pigment volume concentration and with lower filler content than emulsion paints. However, the selection of the appropriate filler is still of great importance because of the potential impact on sheen, viscosity and durability.

Besides its wide application in primers, calcium carbonate has become a suitable component in top coats, where high gloss and good gloss retention are demanded. Calcium carbonate is used to adjust the gloss level in other applications, such as powder coatings.

The wide variety of applications calls for fillers with a wide range of different characteristics. The natural properties of calcium carbonate, combined with Omya's application expertise, ensure the right product for every application.

To meet the challenging demands of its customers, Omya offers technical advice and a wide selection of both mineral and chemical raw materials, such as additives, binders and pigments.

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