Omya Smartfill® 55 – OM

Boosting the performance of Polylactic Acid with functionalized Calcium Carbonate

Omya Smartfill® 55 – OM is a new functionalized Calcium Carbonate for use in biopolymers and in particular Polylactic Acid (PLA).

Conventional Calcium Carbonate products lead to PLA degradation because of hydrolysis during processing. Omya Smartfill® 55-OM demonstrates almost no hydrolysis when processed at filler loads of up to 40%. At the same time, the addition of Omya Smartfill® in films, sheets and injection molded items improves product stiffness, impact resistance, elongation, heat transfer, and it contributes to an overall reduction in formulation cost.

Omya Smartfill® is supplied as a powder and needs to be pre-dispersed in a compound before being used on conventional single screw extrusion lines.

Omya Smartfill® is derived from natural Calcium Carbonate and a renewable material. The replenishment rate of Calcium Carbonate from natural cycles far exceeds the consumption which makes it a renewable material according to ISO 14021.

Award Winner:

Omya recently received an Innovator Award from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) as a member of PepsiCo’s Supply Chain Partnership to deliver a new bio-based film package to market. The outcome of a Partnership Innovator Award was one of a select few entries chosen for advancing the state of sustainable packaging. NatureWorks, Danimer Scientific, Berry Global, Johnson-Bryce and PepsiCo also received an award.



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