Waste Water Treatment

Improve water quality & treatment performance with natural mineral products.​

Municipal Waste Water​

Municipal waste water treatment facilities face tough challenges in dealing with the unpredictable nature of wastewater from populated regions. The dynamic nature of municipal wastewater means the plant itself must be flexible to follow such dynamics, in order to respond appropriately, and prevent any negative impact to the environment.

Omya Optical®​ provides for an efficient and stable activated sludge treatment operation thereby ensuring a clear (low turbid) overflow, stable flocs (improve settling), consistent sludge extraction and improved dewatering.​

Industrial Waste Water​

Industrial waste water presents unique challenges to the cleanliness of natural waterways. Not only must the water itself be treated to a standard that will pose no environmental risk, but the chemicals and processes used to treat it must also be environmentally neutral and sustainable.​



Omya Neutrasorb is a very efficient acid neutralizing non-hazardous, natural fine grinded Calcium Carbonate. It is used in industrial neutralizing applications to replace caustic or lime. It does not form scales an​d reduces maintenance costs.​

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