Air Treatment

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD)

When coal is combusted in power stations sulfur dioxide (SO2) is released. The amount of sulfur varies here depending on the quality and origin of the coal.

Omya offers dedicated products for flue gas desulfurization:

      • Desulfocarb special selected limestone sorbent
      • Reasorb high reactive chalk sorbent

Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) processes are usually categorized in wet and dry or semi-dry systems.

In wet FGD processes flue gas is contacted in a scrubber with a slurry consisting of Calcium Carbonate as sorbent. Dry and semi-dry FGD processes involve injection of the into the furnace or flue gas duct either as solid or slurry-based sorbent.

In wet FGD systems a high degree of SO2 removal is usually achieved with high level of sorbent utilization. Dry or semi-dry FGD systems are usually exhibit lower SO2 removal efficiencies because of the short contact time between the flue gas and the sorbent.

FGD - Wet Scrubber Process


Omya with its expertise and wide network of plants offers best-in-class reagents to achieve an removal rate of up to 95% of sulfur dioxide.

Selected limestone, marble and chalk products come with the required purity and precise particle size distribution for FGD application.


      • Efficient sulfur elimination
      • Improves operating cost
      • Comply with emission regulations
      • Improve sustainability
      • Reduce carbon footprint

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