Building and construction

Innovative raw materials to improve sustainability and performance in the construction industry.

Omya uses its technical expertise and decades of experience in minerals to develop products that are sustainable and high performing. From lightweighting and insulation to aesthetics and protection, we contribute to the functionality and efficiency of our customers’ products.

Technical support

Omya has a highly experienced technical services team which supports customers throughout the process of product development.


With technical laboratories at our headquarters and dedicated regional technical service hubs in different regions, Omya offers laboratory analysis, reformulation support, and implementation assistance to customers worldwide.

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Bringing sustainability to building materials

Many of our customers are looking for carbon footprint reductions in their manufacturing processes. 


The use of calcium carbonate as a functional filler or raw material replacement in building materials not only lowers the carbon footprint of the formulation, but also reduces energy requirements and enables process optimization. 

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Customized optimization with Omyaflex

Omya Flex is an on-site slurrying solution that can be tailored to any need for a wide range of Omya products. With vertical and horizontal silos available, we streamline product delivery and storage.


Eliminate the need for permanent foundations and fixed anchoring, and save space, cost and time in terms of site preparation, building permit procurement and silo delivery.

Construction site

A trusted partner for global distribution 

Omya partners with leading manufacturers of specialty materials to offer a full portfolio of pigments, binders and additives to customers worldwide. 


We distribute engineered materials as well as specialty ingredients, supporting customers with technical advice and application development.

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