Eco Concrete 

Improve the sustainability profile of concrete and cement with low carbon footprint mineral admixtures.

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The high carbon footprint of the concrete industry is a concern raised by the International Energy Association (IEA) as 8% of the world’s anthropogenic carbon emissions are from cement production. Omya supports the use of eco-concrete, offering a much lower carbon footprint than conventional concrete by reducing the clinker to cement ratio.

Significant reduction in carbon emissions

Cement is the second most used substance in the world after water, and its production consumes 2 – 3 % of the global energy supply (IEA, 2023). The importance of reducing the carbon footprint of cement and concrete cannot be underestimated if net zero targets are to be realized.

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Betocarb line: sustainable synergy

The carbon footprint can be significantly reduced by using low carbon cements with a reduced clinker factor or a combination of cement and supplementary cementitous materials (SCMs) such as natural pozzolan, fly ash, calcined clay, glass powder or blast furnace slag.


Omya’s Betocarb product portfolio supports this reduction in carbon footprint of cements and/or mortars and concrete, providing synergies with SCM leading to optimizations in water requirement, workability, packing and resistance to segregation.

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Higher performance products

Our range of mineral plasticizers and mineral accelerators helps concrete producers deliver higher performance products by improving stability, flowability, optical properties and consistency.

  • Optimized packing for greater stability through increased paste content and void filling 

  • Optimized fines content, yielding higher rheological stability, reduced segregation and better flowability 

  • Increased early strength, leading to higher throughput 

  • Enhanced optical properties including color homogeneity, brightness and surface smoothness 

  • Controlled and consistent high quality, complying with standards  

  • Improved sustainability through cement and chemicals content optimization 

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Talk to us

Omya has a highly experienced technical services team which supports customers throughout the process of product development.  


With technical laboratories at our headquarters and dedicated regional technical service hubs in different regions, Omya offers laboratory analysis, reformulation support, and implementation assistance to customers worldwide.

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Omya products for eco concrete applications

Betocarb HP

Mineral plasticizer to enhance the powder content and stability of fluid, self-leveling screed and SCC

Betocarb F

Mineral plasticizer fine ground calcium carbonate to improve fine particle packing and early age strength 

Betocarb UF

Ultra fine GCC acting as a mineral accelerator (nucleation sites, high solubility)

Betoflow D

Mineral plasticizer produced from selected high purity raw materials of extreme fineness (d50<3μm) with excellent dispersibility. Dedicated to SCC, 3D printing and UHPC, Betoflow® D acts as a fine content enhancer for better flowability and viscosity reduction.

Due to its high compatibility with chemicals, Betoflow® D contributes to higher compactness, higher early strength and lower water requirement of the fine powders and pigments.


Our lightweight fillers enable the density of the concrete to be greatly reduced. This is important for large and heavy structures like bridges and skyscrapers. Omya lightweight fillers also improve the thermal insulation of the concrete.



Technical support

Omya has extensive technical expertise and unique, in-house tools such as LG methods to support our customers in optimizing formulations with our range of mineral plasticizers and accelerators.


We also offer OmyaFlex® tailored silo solutions to solve storage issues. 

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Customized optimization with Omyaflex

Omya Flex is an on-site slurrying solution that can be tailored to any need for a wide range of Omya products. With vertical and horizontal silos available, we streamline product delivery and storage.


Eliminate the need for permanent foundations and fixed anchoring, and save space, cost and time in terms of site preparation, building permit procurement and silo delivery.  

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