Omya Calcium Carbonates are used in molding applications, such as blow, injection and roto molding to produce bottles, containers and technical parts by offering substantial performance and cost benefits.

With Omyacarb® products, excellent masterbatch quality is ensured, as our high-quality grinding- and treatment technologies provide superior dispersion of Calcium Carbonates within the polymer matrix. In the final HDPE blow-molded articles, typical Calcium Carbonates levels range from 5% to around 30%, sometimes even higher, depending on product profile that is targeted.

Calcium Carbonate allows a reduction of overall cycle time of the blow molding production process as the cooling time is reduced. This is due to the physical fact that the thermal conductivity of Calcium Carbonate is approximately 6 times higher than HDPE. For every percent of mineral added, the overall cycle time can be reduced by approximately one percent.

In addition, the use of Omya Calcium Carbonates increases stiffness and environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) which allows to reduce wall thickness of blow molded articles and save material costs.

In injection molding the isotropic shrinkage is used to reduce warpage. Tailor made molds for calcium carbonate modified plastics allow substantial material cost benefits.

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