OmyaPro® Calcium

A new way of providing Calcium

OmyaPro® Calcium is a reactive and natural source of Calcium for foliar application. In the form of a wettable powder it can be easily applied to the crop. Due its ultrafine particles it forms a fine, evenly dispersed cover on the crop to supply the plant with Calcium.

OmyaPro® Calcium gives strength to your crop and fruits by providing a reserve of Calcium - a durable effect to cover crop demand when needed.


​Natural and pure

​Durable effect

  • ​100% natural
  • Wettable powder free from chemical additives
  • ​Visible, white, reflective sheen on fruit and leaves
  • Rainfast to provide lasting effect

​High efficacy

​Cost effective

  • ​Sprayed directly on crop, not on soil
  • Reserve of calcium to cover crop demand when needed
  • ​Highly compatible as a tank mix in spray programs*
  • Highest concentration of calcium
    * Jar tests recommended to confirm compatibility


How OmyaPro® Calcium will improve your crop?

OmyaPro® Calcium maximizes crop value at harvest due to increased fruit firmness and improved plant health. The benefits were demonstrated in a variety of trials:

Apples (Idared variety):

Field trial data showed an increase of Brix content with OmyaPro® Calcium. Furthermore, trials showed an improved quality of the fruits treated with OmyaPro® Calcium which can be observed by less fruits showing symptoms of Bitter pit.

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OmyaPro® Calcium


OmyaPro® Calcium



OmyaPro® Calcium


OmyaPro® Calcium

Recommended rates for foliar application:​

Pome fruits:

Apply 5 kg/ha at bud break and 5–10 kg/ha from petal fall to harvest every 7–10 days

Stone Fruits:

Apply 5–10 kg/ha 3 times at petal fall, at 28 and 14 days before harvest


Apply 5–10 kg/ha 14 days after transplant and repeat, if necessary, every 7–14 days


Apply 10–20 kg/ha at fruit set and repeat every 10–14 days.
The application at berry pea-sized stage and when berries begin to touch has a beneficial effect against the bunch molds.

For further application rates see OmyaPro® Calcium brochure.