Oral Care

Calcium carbonate

In oral care, Omyacare minerals are known as multifunctional ingredients, providing enamel remineralization in addition to excellent cleansing.

Omyacare minerals offer high chemical purity in combination with controlled low microbiology to comply with the most stringent quality requirements. Omyacare minerals are suitable for fluoridized toothpastes. When utilizing sodium monofluorophosphate, the fluoride contained in the toothpaste remains available for the remineralization of the tooth enamel. Thanks to the high purity of the material, interactions of trace elements with active ingredients are reduced to a minimum.

Our portfolio covers minerals with different particle sizes and origins that allow us to provide the requested levels of brightness and abrasion. In addition, Omya offers a range of ECOCERT / Cosmos-certified products.

Omya's distribution product range completes the oral care portfolio. It includes leading functional solutions through actives, cleansing agents, humectants, thickeners and many more.

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​​Distribution business


Personal Care & Home Care

AkzoNobel Company

Products Offered:

  • Arquad®, Armocare®, Elfacos® and Elfan® Conditioners, and Surfactants
  • DynamX®, Amphomer®, Biostyle®, Amaze®, Balance®,
    Flexan® II and Resyn Styling Polymers
  • Dermacryl® Film Formers
  • Celquat® Conditioning Polyymers
  • Structure® Rheology Modifiers
  • Dry-Flo®, Natrasorb® and Tapioca Pure Aesthetics Enhancers
  • Hydrovance® Moisturizing Agent
  • ElfaMoistTM AC Humectant
  • Ecocert Natural Certified Ingredients
Alnor Oil

Products Offered

  • Castor Oil and Vegetable Oils - USP




​Products Offered

  • Argan Oil, Certified Organic
  • ic

Carlisle International


Products Offered

  • Kokam Butter
  • Bamboo Extract - Exfoliating & Silk
  • Neem Oil & Extract
Cosun Biobased Products

Products Offered

  • Carboxyline® CMI
  • Carboxy Methyl Inulin – Natural Scale Inhibitor
  • BetaFib MCF® - Microcrystalline Cellulosic Fiber Natural Thickener



Products Offered
  • Mirinae® Alumina-Based Effect Pigments 
  • Glare®, Glare® Silver, & Esorora Glare® Borosilicate Effect Pigments
  • Econa® Natural Colored Extract Pearls with Antioxidant Properties
  • Featheleve® Platy TiO2 Effect Pigment with Sunscreen Properties
  • Skolor® & Skolor® Glare Colored Effect Pigments
  • Magchrom® Iridescent Effect Pigments
  • Cosmetica® & Blondiee® Natural Mica Based Effect Pigments
DuPont Tate & Lyle

Products Offered:

  • Zemea® Propanediol – Natural, Preservative Boosting Humectant
  • Ecocert, NPA, CleanGredients® (Dfe), and USDA 100% Biobased Product
Elevance Renewable Sciences, Inc.

Products Offered:

  • Elevance Smooth – plant-based, multi-functional polymers
  • Elevance Soft – plant-based emollients
  • Elevance Soft CE - Plant-Based Alternatives to Silicone or Petroleum Carriers and Solvents



Products Offered:

  • FD&C Dyes and Lakes
  • D&C Dyes and Lakes
  • Inorganic Colors
Gattefossé Corporation

Products Offered:

  • Gatuline® Substantiated Natural Actives
  • Mineral, Fruit and Vegetable Specialty Actives and Extracts
  • Apifil®, Emulium®, Plurol® and Tefose® Specialty Emulsifiers
  • Emulfree® Bi-gel Technology for Surfactant Free Emulsions
  • Acticire®, Compritol®, and Lipocire® Texturizing Agents
  • Transcutol® CG Solubilizer and Efficacy Booster
  • Cocoate BG Emollient with Pigment Wetting and SPF Boosting
  • Ecocert Certified Ingredients

Ingredients Solutions, Inc.


Products Offered:

  • Carrageenan
  • Sodium Alginate
  • Xanthan Gum

KAO Specialties Americas, LLC

Products Offered:

  • Kalcol - Fatty Alcohols
  • Cetyl, Stearyl & Cetearyl, Guerbet
  • Farmin® Dimethylamines




Products Offered:

  • Carbopol®, Pemulen®, Avalure®, Novemer® and Novethix® Polymers
  • Noverite® 100 and Noverite® K-700 Polymers
  • Fixate® Styling Polymers
  • SilSense® Specialty Silicones
  • Schercemol® and Hydramol® Esters
  • Glucamate®, Glucam®, Glucate® and Glucquat® Methyl Glucoside Derivatives
  • Promulgen®, Acetulan®, Ceralan®, Lanocerin®, Lanogel®, Lanogene®, Modulan®, OHlan®, Solulan® and Vilvanolin® Formulation Additives and Lanolin Derivatives
  • Merquat® Conditioning and High Solids Polymers
  • Sensomer® Naturally Derived Conditioning Polymers
  • Solamer® UV-absorbing Hair Polymer

Omya Inc.


Products Offered:

  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Ground Limestone
  • CG, FG, EU, USP, Ecocert Grades
  • Natural Calcium Source
  • Filler, Exfolliant, Feel Agent, Opacifier, Toothpaste Abrasive, Home Care



Products Offered:

  • Zano® Microfine Zinc Oxide Powders – Coated, Uncoated
  • Xperse® ZnO & ZnO/TiO2 Dispersions
  • Ecocert Grades


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