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Advantages of Fillite Products


The sphere is nature’s most effective shape with the lowest surface area compared to volume.
Advantage – less resin, binder, water etc to wet out the surface = low resin or binder demand. Benefit of high solid formulations, lower shrinkage and lower cost.

All industries are moving towards lightweight products, demand for the lowest possible weight for plastic parts, sealants, putties, sound dampening etc.
Advantage – ease of application and use, lower transport costs plus low slump and sag for the building industry.

Fillite is neutral in pH and does not interfere in the chemistry or reaction of the products they are used in. Fillite is inherently alumina silicate spheres of very low reactivity, slightly pozzolanic however this minor reaction is highly desirable in cement as the presence of unreacted free lime deteriorates cementitious products.
Advantage – neutral in pH and resistant to acids and alkalis.

Free Flowing
Spherical fillers exhibit excellent flow characteristics.
Advantage – easy to spray, pump, trowel.

Benefit for applications such as insulating refractories, oil pipe line insulation, geothermal cements, external wall insulation stuccos etc.
Advantage – low thermal conductivity (0.11 Wm-1K-1).

High Melting Point
Benefit for applications such as high temperature refractories and fire resistant coating and paints.
Advantage – high melting point (1200 – 1400oC).

Advantage – hard surface provides erosion and weather resistance (Mohs scale 5).

Electrical Properties
Benefit for excellent electrical properties for applications such as potting compounds, electrical encapsulation, solenoids, buzz bars etc.
Advantage – properties are virtually unaffected at high frequencies.

Low Oil Absorption
Due to spherical & low surface area shape with non-porous shell.

Good Packing Factor
Ratio of bulk/ true density is small resulting in high packing factor which has beneficial effects on transport & warehousing costs.