Pipes & Profiles

​Calcium carbonate is used in numerous rigid PVC applications, the most significant of which are pipes and profiles. Omya is continuously updating its product range for these applications.

Most recently, Omya has developed an innovative solution for adding calcium carbonate directly at the extruder, thus allowing higher loadings.

Pipes & fittings (PVC and polyolefin)

Omya's range of calcium carbonates (Omyalite and Omyacarb) is unparalleled, covers the entire spectrum of applications for pipes and fittings and has the following benefits:

  • Improved processing (reduced cooling time)
  • Reduced cycle time (fittings)
  • Higher ring stiffness
  • Mechanical requirements for PVC pressure pipes
  • Homogeneous foam structure (structured wall pipes)
  • Higher elastic modulus

Profiles & sidings

Adding more Hydrocarb to PVC profiles and sidings can yield substantial benefits. By choosing the right calcium carbonate, the process can benefit from:

  • Higher impact strength
  • Better gloss
  • Superior surface finish
  • Good processing at high loadings

Specialty chemicals

Our offering is completed by:

  • Impact modifiers
  • Pigments
  • Lubricants and stabilizers

​​​​Omya's Product Portfolio


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