Water Treatment

Remineralization & pH adjustment

In order to increase the quality of natural or treated (e.g. desalinated) water to a non-corrosive level or to a level acceptable for human consumption, Omya offers selected, high-quality limestone products such as granular-sized Filtracarb* and Juraperle or micronized Omyaqua. These products adjust the pH value through neutralization, (re)mineralize the water through adding (dissolving) the required amount of calcium, magnesium and carbonate minerals or reduce the water hardness (decarbonization) using Criscarb. In all cases, the goal is to reach the required calco-carbonic equilibrium.

An unsufficient level of calcium carbonate in treated water makes it corrosive and will cause equipment and structures to deteriorate, often while not fulfilling drinking water quality requirements such as those recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization). A supersaturated solution will likely precipitate calcium carbonate, causing scale, reduced efficiency and eventually leading to system failure.

Distillate or permeate water resulting from the desalination of seawater or brackish water are very corrosive and must be remineralized to protect downstream pipelines/storage systems from corrosion and to meet the required standards for human consumption (drinking water).

Filtracarb*, Juraperle and Omyaqua provide the required amount of calcium for the remineralization of desalinated water and for increasing the hardness of natural soft water. With over 40 years of experience in water treatment, Omya's high-quality granular and micronized calcium carbonates are specially adapted for use in (re)mineralization processes such as calcite contactors (filter bed) or in Omya's new Advanced Remineralization Process (OARP).

Our Filtracarb*, Juraperle and Omyaqua products comply with international drinking water standards such as the European Standard EN 1018, while selected manufacturing locations also have NSF-60 drinking water treatment certification.

Drinking and fresh water treatment from surface and ground Water

Rapid population growth coupled with a scarcity of water in some regions of the world have made it necessary for industrial operations and municipalities to look for economical and environmentally friendly water treatment solutions. These are used for the production of the required drinking water quality or to provide adequate water quality for industrial processes and to ensure that treated waste water does not harm the environment. To fulfill the increasing economic, regulatory and environmental requirements, Omyafloc – an environmentally friendly and sustainable inorganic flocculant – has been developed for efficient and economical use in liquid/solid separation processes applied in surface and ground treatment. Eventually, these will replace traditional chemicals such as (poly)aluminum or ferric salts and/or polymeric flocculants such as polyacrylamide.

Flocculation in industrial waste water and sludge treatment

The treatment of natural water, industrial and municipal effluents is closely linked to the preservation of the environment and is thus a contemporary problem. In past decades, there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of heavy metals, mineral oil, poorly oxidizing organic compounds, synthetic surfactants, pesticides, medical waste, hormones and other micro pollutants in open and ground water reservoirs resulting from insufficiently treated effluents from industrial and municipal enterprises.

Omyafloc is an innovative new inorganic coagulant/flocculant which is used in liquid-solid separation processes, thereby providing a range of economic and environmental benefits.

When removing unwanted suspended and colloid-dispersed substances during waste water purification and sludge treatment processes, Omyafloc can eventually replace traditional chemicals such as (poly)aluminum or ferric salts and/or polymeric flocculants such as polyacrylamide. This offers the following benefits:

  • Improved environmental compliance
  • Improved operational efficiency and cost efficiency
  • Improved TSS (turbidity) removal
  • Optimized sludge volume
  • Value creation from waste/sludge
  • Enhanced TOC and color removal
  • Easy to use and non-hazardous

Industrial and municipal sewage treatment

Optical 20 – a calcium carbonate with unique properties – can help to re-establish stability in biological treatment processes by reinforcing the acid capacity and strengthening the floc structure. As a natural calcium-carbonate-based product, Optical 20 is much more than just a pH-stabilizing mineral – it has a positive effect on the entire waste water treatment process, including:

  • Improved acid/buffering capacity of the sludge
  • Stabilization of the flocs
  • Sludge weighting
  • Improved sedimentation behavior
  • Improved dewatering properties
  • Protection against concrete corrosion

Prevention of acidification and eutrophication of natural waters

Polluted air containing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide results in acid rain, which has a negative effect on the pH value of open waters and causes them to become acidic. This can consequently kill fish and other organisms such as aquatic plants.

Eutrophication is caused by agricultural and industrial runoff, pollution from septic systems and sewers, and other human-related activities which increase the flow of both inorganic nutrients and organic substances into ecosystems. This then darkens the water and causes algal bloom, odor and the disappearance of fish from affected aquatic areas. Health problems can also occur where eutrophic conditions interfere with drinking water treatment.

The environmental problems described above can be solved by Omya through the use of our selected calcium carbonate, which is spread on the water surface to limit eutrophication and adjust the pH level (pH buffering). Omya's dedicated calcium carbonate products decrease the excess nutrients (phosphates, nitrates) in the water by adding calcium ions and balancing the calco-carbonic equilibrium, thereby improving the quality and clarity of the water.

Water treatment distribution chemicals

Omya's innovative mineral-based water treatment products are complemented by advanced, unique water treatment chemicals manufactured by selected principals. This allows Omya to offer a complete, attractive line of specialty water treatment chemicals and solutions to our customers.

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*only available in France and Spain