Supplier Partnerships

​Partnership Relation

Lipscomb Chemical’s four cultural values are fundamental for relationships with suppliers: modesty, integrity, perseverance and courtesy. Lipscomb Chemical strives to be a good partner and encourages an open and flourishing relationship. Lipscomb’s goal is to improve and grow business together with its suppliers.

Information Exchange

For Lipscomb Chemical it is important to have an open communication with every supplier. This includes timely exchange of information which supports projects, new opportunities and continuous sales growth.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives working closely with suppliers within specific market segments, inform them of customer issues. They keep track of product quality as they affect the customers. Lipscomb Chemical pays attention to the behind-the-scene issues as they occur and works closely with the suppliers to ensure the quality and availability of all products.


Lipscomb Chemical maintains sample inventory to promptly respond to customers and prospects.


Lipscomb Chemical continuously searches for ways to improve business efficiency because markets and requirements change and pro-active business adjustment is necessary to keep the company’s processes ahead of the competition.

Distribution Service

With a strong and committed service support team and nine warehouses serving the U.S., Lipscomb Chemical stands ready to supply functional raw ingredients and specialties. Our key performance indicators including on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction are our highest priority. We strive to provide value added services to our principals and customers with a primary goal of being a reliable and preferred supplier.