Code of Conduct

Omya's obligation and responsibility is to behave ethically in every aspect of business life.

Omya is committed to respecting human rights worldwide, offering equal opportunities to all its employees.

Omya strictly opposes the use of child labor, discrimination, harassment, mobbing and all other forms of abusive or exploitative labor practices.

Omya strives for a sensible use of natural resources, acting socially responsible and continuously improving its operations, products and services to conduct business in a sustainable way.

No accidents, no waste, no complaints are the main goals Omya strives to achieve.

Omya is against corruption, and committed to act in full compliance with applicable laws to detect and prevent illegal behavior by knowing and following all applicable laws and regulations that govern international trade.

As a global company, Omya provides a complete Code of Conduct and Ethics Manual to its employees and entities worldwide. The Code emphasizes on the Omya values and encourages employees to incorporate those values into their working lives. As a practical and clear guide to the behavior that the company expects from everyone, the Code deliberately sets consistent and high standards for all employees regardless of their position or country they work in.

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