Omya Advanced Remineralization Process (OARP)

​Post-Treatment of Desalinated and Purified Water (Water Reuse)

Permeate produced from desalination processes is lacking in mineral content and is of a low alkalinity. As a result, it is extremely corrosive to water distribution infrastructure and can be detrimental to human health. Remineralization or stabilization is therefore a necessary step in desalination to achieve a buffered and stable final water quality.

Omya has developed the Omya Advanced Remineralization Process (OARP) for the post-treatment/remineralization of desalinated sea or brackish water. OARP is used as well in advanced water reuse systems which include desalination processes such as in Indirect (IPR) or Direct (DPR) Potable Reuse systems.


Main Applications:

      • Retrofit or upgrade of existing desalination plant post-treatment originally equipped with lime or chemicals dosing. Reduce operating cost and provide a more stable water quality.

      • Water Reuse, advanced purified water reuse systems (Direct or Indirect Potable Reuse). Reduce operating cost and environmental footprint. Allows maximum flexibility in operation along with pristine ​water quality and lowest turbidity guaranteed.

      • Greenfield desalination and water reuse systems. Reduce investment and operating cost as well as provide for a stable, pristine water quality.​​


 OARP Process Benefits:

      • Premium quality water
      • Cost optimized design
      • Modular & flexible operation
      • Zero product & backwash waste
      • Drinking water approved​

At its core OARP is using Omyaqua®, high-quality micronized Calcium Carbonate which offers many benefits over lime dosing including reduced cost, improved product handling and storage as well as advantages in operation & maintenance.


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