Secured Raw Material Supply

  • Omya always favors a strategy of acquisition using its own resources rather than having suppliers of raw material.
  • Omya always has a long-term vision in terms of deposits – a plant cannot be constructed without usable reserves being ensured for at least 30 to 40 years (or more, if possible).
  • Omya's deposits are well known geologically (mappings, drillings). This allows us to obtain a long-term 3D vision of the deposits and to establish precise mining development, thus saving on mining costs as follows:

In open pits:

  • The waste dumps are located outside the deposit area
  • The plant is built outside the quarry area

In underground mines:

  • Excavation of galleries is made according to a precise plan avoiding unusable areas
  • The vein is not followed, as was often the case in old mines

As a result of this well-prepared reconnaissance of deposits, it is easier to take into account possible risks (stability, falling rocks) and to ensure better site restoration after (or sometimes during) mining.