In 1967, the plant TERAMO Vápenná took up its activities within enterprise RD Jeseník n.p. – this step laid the foundations of our company.

In our first years, our business activities have been focused on production and sale of marble slabs, terrazzo tiles and construction materials for finishing works (plasters, adhesives, coatings, etc.). In 1989, the investments in manufacture of fine grind fillers were finished. Chemically very pure natural calcium carbonate is the basic material for our products was - white marble - that was quarried in company’s own quarry located close to the plant.

In 1990 the plant TERAMO Vápenná fully disaffiliated and three years later, in 1993 the company Omya GmbH Gummern acquired the majority share in the company. Since 1997 the Omya Group has been the sole owner of company Omya CZ s.r.o. In 1996 our joint stock company bought from SIK Jeseník a.s. a plant for processing crushed materials and powders together with a quarry located near by.

In 1996 the planning of construction of new plant was launched. From the beginning the environmental aspects were playing an important role and an EIA audit proved that the designed plant shall meet all requirements in this respect.
The construction of the plant started in autumn of the following year and in 1999 the plant was inaugurated. Fundamental elements of the plant are equipment for washing and drying materials and modern production lines for production of fillers and crushed materials.

The further processing of the raw material is based on sufficient deposits of quality marble in our quarry and their cost-effective and environmental quarrying and processing in the first stage of crushing including our very efficient removal of soil.

In 2009 Omya Group acquired the trading company PLASTOCHEM BRNO, spol.s r.o. in order to offer our customers a complete product portfolio on the polymer segment on the Czech market. After successful integration into the Omya structure the company has been merged into Omya CZ s.r.o. in 2016.

Nowadays, Omya CZ s.r.o. is the biggest producer of finely milled filler and closely separated calcium carbonate-based crushed materials in Czech Republic. On one hand, we import many of products from the portfolio of Omya Group to meet the requirements of local customers, and, on the other hand, we export significant part of our production to surrounding countries. Beside that Omya CZ s.r.o. is the important distributor of chemicals and raw materials for market segments Forest Product Industry, Polymers, Building Materials and Life Sciences.