Omya Clariana was founded in 1969 with the participation of Omya Group and other local partners. In 1971 started the production activity at Arboç plant (Tarragona), closed to our chalk quarry. 

Our first production plant of limestone was founded in Belchite (Zaragoza) in 1992. Marked needs made that Omya founded a white marble plant in Purchena (Almería) in 1995. With these 3 plants and the headquarter offices in Barcelona was able to supply the best calcium carbonate quality for markets as paper, paints, plastic and construction industries. And in 2002 started the production in a new limestone plant in Darro (Granada), more focused in construction and environmental market needs.

In 2004, the business of minerals and chemicals products from “Campi y Jové” merged with Omya Clariana. One year later Omya founded a plant of dispersion of kaolin in Tarragona.

From the beginning, Omya was focused in improvement of their processes, with the most advanced technological systems and automation of production, and nowadays we can ensure an in-time delivery of highest-quality products for our customers, from plants and from warehouse.