Fila Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in Korea, in 1971, and 28 years later, it was renamed to ‘Omya Korea Inc.' as being a wholly owned subsidiary of Omya Group. Since founding, Omya Korea has experienced astonishing growth, setting up the five plants in Kunsan, Andong, Hambaek, Onsan and Checheon.

Here are the milestones in our evolution:

1971   Fila Chemical Co., Ltd. founded
1990   Joint venture with Omya Group / renamed ‘Hankuk Omya’
1992   Factory in Andong, ‘Foreign Company‘ register (#7294) 
1997   Factory in Hambaek, Factory in Kunsan
1999   Omya Korea Inc. wholly owned subsidiary of Omya AG, 
             ‘The Best Foreign Company Honor’ (the Blue House), ISO 9001 certification 
2000  ‘$1million Export Tower‘ (KITA), ISO 14001 certification
2001  ‘Product Innovation Award’ (Presidential Award), ‘$5million Export Tower’ ,
            ‘Iron Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit‘
2002   'Electric Energy Efficiency Award’ (Presidential Award)
2004   ‘The Best Productivity Improvement Honor‘, ‘$10million Export Tower‘
2005   Factory in Onsan, ‘The Best Foreign Manufacturing Company Award‘
             ‘Quality Management Award’ (Presidential award)
2014   OHSAS 18001 certification