​The Combination of vast international relationship and excellent market understanding in Indonesia have given Omya United Chemicals a competitive advantage in marketing competencies and wide distribution channel.

Our complete range of product helps you to improve performance, drive down costs, comply with regulations and product-quality standards. Our employees are fully qualified to help you design a solution best suited to your needs.

Surface CoatingsResins, Colorants, Fillers, Driers, Dispersing, Agents, Hardeners, Rheology Modifiers, Biocides, Anti corrosive, pigments, Special additives, Peroxides, Optical Brightening agents, Grinding Media, etc.
Plastic​Organic, inorganic and special pigment, Flame retardants, Functional fillers, Heat stabilizer, Lubricant, Antiblocking, etc
Food​Soy Proteins, Lecithines, Yeast extracts, HVPs, Caramel colours, Emulsifiers, Antioxidants, Food acids, Anti-caking agents, Weighting agents, Dehydrated products, Flavours, Food Colours, Preservatives, Amino Acids (Taurine, Glycine, etc), Carnitine, Sweeteners, Dairy Products, etc.
Feed​Feed Binders, Proteins, Soy Lecithines, Antioxidants, Antimolds, Antifungus, Probiotics, Minerals, Minerals Chelates, Milk Replacer, Lactose, Anti-caking agents, Flavours, Microtracers, Homogeneity Tester, etc.
Rubber​Accelerators, Antidegradants, Synthetic Rubbers, Fillers, Colorants, Mould release agents, Processing aids, Bonding agents, Tackifiers, Additives, Coupling Agents, etc.
Cosmetic, Personal Care & Household​Oleochemicals, Soap Noodles, Preservatives, Surfactants, Talcum Powder, Detergent Polymers, Emolients, Pigments, Thickeners, etc.
Textile Auxiliary​Aminosilicones, Softeners, Antifoams, Silicone fluids, PEG, Surfactants (Nonylphenol ethoxylates, Fatty alcohol ethoxylates, etc.), Thickeners, Fatty acids, Phosphonates, Lignosulphonates, etc.
Water Treatment​Corrosion Inhibitors, Anti Scales, Biocides, Polymer, PEGs, Surfactants (Nonylphenol ethoxylates, Fatty alcohol ethoxylates, etc.), Antifoams, etc.
Leather​Tanning Chemicals, Biocides, vegetable extracts (Mimosa, Chesnut, Quebracho), Enzymes, Basic Chromium Sulfates, Sodium Bisulfides, etc.
Others​Friction Dust, Cement Modifiers, Concrete Plastisizers, Ceramic Stains, Processing Aids, Lubricants, etc.