The history of Omya in Germany started more than 80 years ago. The first site, a grinding plant, was founded in 1927 in Brohl am Rhein. Five years later, the headquarters moved to Cologne, which is still today our distribution centre in Germany. 

At the end of the 1950s, the demand for Omya products grew substantially in Germany. It started with the paints and coatings industry and since the beginning of the 1970s, also more and more with the paper industry. Already then, with its steadily growing number of plants and warehouses all over Germany, Omya ensured an in-time delivery for its customers. A principle that has not changed until today.

Chronicles (a selection)

1927 - Foundation of the Omya Mahlwerke GmbH at Brohl am Rhein
1932 - Headquarters move to Cologne
1961 - Partnership with Dammann KG, with plants in Söhlde, Lägerdorf (1966) and Rügen (1993)
1974 - Takeover of the Jura-Mineralmühle Burgberg
1989 - Starting up of the tank farm Emden
1989 - Partnership with the Eduard Merkle GmbH & Co. KG, Blaubeuren
2004 - Foundation of the Omya Weil GmbH at Weil am Rhein