Vision for Sustainability

Our sustainability focus is evident in all that we do and is based on sound science and systems thinking. We quietly go about our business confident in the role our products and services play in contributing to a sustainable society.

We treat all stakeholders with integrity – without compromising health, safety and environmental performance. It covers how we manage our people, product communications, plans for site restoration and community engagement.

We are respectful of local cultures and community needs wherever we operate, acting in partnership with other stakeholders. In making use of natural resources we consider competing needs in society and optimize their use for current and future generations.

We are committed to addressing long term sustainability challenges regardless of what might seem possible now. Our R&D and long-term planning horizon gives us the scope and freedom to invest for a sustainable future. We use our competence to shift existing markets, create new ones that enhance society's use of resources and improve the quality of life for all people.