Interdisciplinary Research

​The result of providing a thriving center for technological endeavor is that we can focus on key areas for Omya's development through our R&D groups in surface science, mineral pigment and chemical engineering, as well as the world of microbiology and life sciences. For example, we have identified cluster programs for fundamental knowledge growth leading to a hands-on application of new concepts in nanotechnology, biomaterials and composites, surface science, new surface treatments and novel functionality, sustainable resourcing and smart process chemicals. Additionally, leader projects have been established for the support of innovation designed to keep Omya as the leader in its existing markets. Our teams include scientists from all disciplines, bringing their perspectives as chemists, physicist, mineralogists, geologists, mathematicians, material scientists and engineers into the topics.

Among other areas, linking calcium carbonate to the sustainable world of biomaterials has led us to explore the opportunities in processing nano-fibrillated cellulose, in removing heavy metals from contaminated waste waters around the world, in improving the efficiency of municipal water purification and in enhancing the controlled release of pharmaceutical drugs.

These are exciting challenges and we are ready to tackle them!