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Calcium carbonate is currently the most widely used inorganic pigment for filling and coating of paper grades.

Omya serves all application areas of the Printing & Writing industry with its own calcium carbonates as well as with various auxiliary chemicals which it distributes. The general principle of Omya is to act with "one face to the customer" using our experts know-how in various industries and applications.

The use of mineral fillers in Printing & Writing grades is one of Omya's core competencies. Calcium carbonate is the most important inorganic pigment for most of today's paper grades. To a lesser extent, other inorganic pigments such as clay, talc, silica and others are also used. These pigments are retained within the paper structure with the help of synthetic or natural retention systems if used as a filler or are the integral part of coating colors.

Increasing the mineral loading in Printing & Writing grades helps to save costly fibers. This can lead to a faster dewatering of the web in the forming and pressing sections of the paper machine, resulting in improved drying which could lower production costs or increase production capacity. It goes without saying that the environmental impact, as for example the carbon foot print can be reduced significantly.

The coating of Printing & Writing grades in order to create added value to the product is another one of Omya's core competencies – Omya is globally recognized as the most knowledgeable and professional coating application expert in the industry.

Omya uses the latest techniques and methods to support the development of the most cost-effective, highest-performance coating formulations to meet the customer's manufacturing and quality requirements.

Finally it has to be highlighted that Omya is always looking forward to serve the need of it's customers – for example establishing the product family "Extomine" with barrier solutions as for example "Extomine BM" as barrier against MOSH and MOAH.

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